Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hello World!

Hello World!
Its me, Ben.  I have started this blog to showcase and collect information about all things embedded.  Since I am a professional firmware engineer and a tinkerer, I love all things micro controller.  I have a couple of cool projects underway, and hopefully a few books in the works.  So, basically this blog will contain:
  • Embedded projects from around the web
  • My embedded projects
  • Projects that work with embedded projects.
  • Tutorials about programming
  • Arduino stuff
  • Engineering humor
  • Anything else that I feel that falls into that all encompassing category.

This is my first attempt at starting a blog, so bare with me.  Ive decided to call it WigglePin, a cute name if I don't say so myself.  WigglePin refers to a term that engineers use when developing or debugging.  For example, when you want to "wiggle a pin" you would set the pin high for a few milliseconds and then make it go low again.  This wiggling would indicate to the outside world that something inside the micro controller is happening.  WigglePin!

So, what is an embedded project?  Basically the term embedded refers to any electronic embedded that utilizes a micro controller (or a tiny computer on a chip).  A micro-controller has its own flash (storage like a hard-drive) to contain the programming, RAM for memory and lots of other built-in goodies.

Pretty much anything electronic out there contains some sort of micro controller.  Your microwave has one, your car has many.  These little computers do things like run the speedometer or adjust the frequency on your radio.  They operate the air-bags and tell you when to change your oil.  Just can do just about anything.  

So you can see why micro-controllers are so interesting.  The possibilities are pretty much wide open!

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