Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pixy, Object detection made simple, or at least simpler.

Well, I am addicted to kickstarter.  There seems to be no end of good ideas coming from that website.  My new find is called Pixy.  Basically, its a computer vision board that runs all the complicated algorithms for you.  No PHD required!  This little board can process a 640X480 image at 50 frames per second to detect objects and can be trained to detect just about anything.  Object position and size are boiled down and sent out any one of a plethora of connection options.  SPI, UART, I2C, even digital IO signals are available.

Im thinking sentry cannon (keeps annoying coworkers from entering your cube space).  Or maybe something more evil, like a laser powered bug zapper.

Looks like their kickstarted ended successfully and you can now pre-order the pixy for $69.  The video is well worth watching.

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