Friday, December 6, 2013

Crazyflie, the ARM quadrocopter dev kit!

 I like seeedstudio, they are creative, open source and geared towards tinkerers.  The Crazyflie is a great example if why this shop stands out.  It's a tiny (90mm square) quadrocopter.  And it's open source, in fact seeedstudio is counting on the community at large to develop it.  It's controlled via a 2.4ghz link and a PC.  And it can be wirelessly updated if you don't have a jtag debugger.  Based on a STM32 ARM cortex M3 running at 72 MHz, its got a lot of processing horsepower.  Check out the video!

Build your own swarm, I wonder if you could get a camera small enough for FPV.  This little guy can fly around 7 minutes on a charge, and can lift around 5-10 grams.

Starting around $116

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