Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Create your own video game system with Gameduino!

Ever want to make your own handheld video game system, but the thought of learning linear algebra make you break out into a cold sweat?  Have no fear!  The Gameduino (2) is here!  This cool board has an integrated FT800 graphics engine for controlling the display and running the audio output.  Some of the demos are only a few handfuls of lines of code, you could literally get started in a few minutes of copying and pasting.

The Gameduino features the following hardware.
- Arduino shield form factor
- 4.3" color display
- touch controls (resistive)
- Accelerometer
- SD card for storing game resources (graphics, sounds)
- Audio amplifier
- FT800 Graphics processor.

The demos look silky smooth and polished.

Even if you weren't using this for a gaming system, it would work well to host a very nicely polished UI for your projects.  Maybe even something to hang on the wall for home automation?  Plus all the complexity of controlling an LCD display and touch interface are handled for you.

Available at seeedstudio for $59

Check out the demo projects!

The kickstarter has launched!

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